(50 UNDER $50 + 15 OVER $50)

It’s the most wonderful/stressful time of the year — THE HOLIDAYS. Don’t you miss ages 0-22 when you weren’t expected to bring anything to the table for the holidays besides your naive joy and empty stomach? It’s still a magical time, don’t get me wrong. But the second you were out of college and in the real world, suddenly friends and family started expecting things from you around Christmastime. Like… presents. That cost money. And ownership over probably more than one food dish to be served at Christmas dinner. THE STRESS BECAME TOO MUCH.

So, that’s why I’m here — to hopefully make the whole gift-giving thing a bit more digestible. I’ve scoured the internet (and my own home) to give you guys 50 gift ideas under $50 and 15 gift ideas OVER $50 for the big spenders. I cover it all from home and kitchen to clothes for men, women, and not children but definitely dogs. I hope you find some things you can gift, and don’t forget to check my guide daily since items I list here will more than likely go on sale some time from now until Christmas because that’s retail at the holidays, baby.

🎁 Happy 🎁 Shopping 🎁

No, but really. This is an amazing present to get someone. These bombs have changed my smoothie game for life, and you could change someone’s life, too if you gift them. You can’t go wrong with any flavor but I personally like the nut-free variety.


Everyone should own a handheld vacuum. It’s the handiest cleanup tool out there and, for the moments you don’t necessarily need your ENTIRE vacuum, it’s freaking perfect. Open up someone’s world today with this beauty.

A very lovely follower sent me a collection of Mean Girls Foot Cardigan socks, and not only are they cute as shit, but actually very comfortable socks that stay up and make a statement. This is a great idea for literally anyone because there are so many designs to choose from for men, women, and children!

I’m a lipstick woman til the day I die, but Glossier’s Lip Gloss has snuck its way into my makeup collection and I’m not mad. Typically, I hate lip gloss but this stuff isn’t sticky and looks so pretty on its own. A clutch stocking stuffer for any makeup enthusiast.

For the wannabe chefs and bakers, this cookbook is phenomenal. It provides recipes, yes, but it was written by an amazing woman who actually took the time to educate you on all things cooking so you become a master at the science behind it all. Plus, her Netflix show is AMAZING — watch it.

I’ve gone through so many insulated water bottles and coffee cups, I can’t even tell you. I got on the Hydroflask train last year, and I live here now. It keeps things hot and cold for HOURS and is the perfect gift to those who cannot be quenched.

For the record, I was using stainless steel straws before the whole strawless movement was born. You can never have too many, and they’re a great stocking stuffer. Help the world become a little less polluted this Christmas by gifting these.

Smoked Tonka: Green, spice, cardamom, nutmeg, dark coffee, oriental amber, smoked woods, patchouli, olibanum, coumarin, vanilla bourbon, vetiver, black tar complex, leather, cashmere. Need I say more? This candle is fucking incredible and anyone will appreciate it.

Same goes for this baby. The scent is SO GOOD and, once again, the container is so cute that it can be repurposed. This candle boasts flavor notes of bergamot, sheer lemon, fresh nutmeg, bitter lime, rose geranium, warm amber, peony, cedar leaf, rosewood, patchouli, spiced musk, sandalwood. It’s sex in a container, basically.

Not enough people trim their candle wicks, so I think we should start a revolution of a whole new generation of wick trimmers. I love this gold one — fancy and functional.

Usually I don’t believe in reed diffusers. But, this one by P.F. is LEGIT. Perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, or even entryway table.

I got my “SHIT. FUCK.” mug from Mel’s teeny tiny store in San Francisco, and it’s my favorite mug to drink coffee out of, ever. If you know someone who loves profanity and coffee, this is a no-brainer.

For those who put on concerts in the shower or can’t stand to be in there without their favorite podcast playing, this little waterproof speaker is legit. Plus, they can take it to the pool with them come summertime so it’s like a DOUBLE gift.

Jill Makes is such a happy, colorful designer. She (Jill) makes the cutest jewelry, but she also creates custom keychains that make driving and locking your house up a lot more fun.

I mean — can you ever go wrong with pajamas? My favorites are by Gilligan O’Malley at Target, but Old Navy has some super cute options this year, too. I just love loungewear.

Doormats are underrated. I mean, it’s the first impression you make when someone comes over (besides, ya know, the entire rest of your house). Making a custom one for a friend or family member is a super creative, personal gift idea IMO.

For the jet-setter, a travel pillow is necessary. Well, for anyone who flies it’s necessary, really. And this one is top-rated.

facial hair remover

If you’ve been following me, you know how passionate I am about this gadget. It’s truly effective — I haven’t had to get a wax or threading in MONTHS. If you have someone in your life who has flirted with the idea of getting one, hand them this gift Christmas morning. If they’ll be embarrassed, just slip it to them on the low. Either way, gift it because it’s wonderful.

Urban Decay has rolled out several editions of their NAKED eye shadow palette, but the OG is still the best to me AND THEY’RE DISCONTINUING IT. So freaking get it or I’ll cry.

I’ve been talking about these forever. $20. Legitimately noise-cancelling. And do not crap out on you. I swear by these suckers — they’ve saved my workouts and walks.

For the person whose phone is ALWAYS DYING. Give them this highly-rated portable charger and they don’t have an excuse anymore. Throw it at their face for all I care.

Everlane has plenty of amazing staples under $50 for both men and women. Check out their site to see if you can’t find a little sumthin-sumthin in the way of clothing to gift someone this season (and browse for yourself while you’re there, duh).

Everlane again. This beanie is so straight-forward and adorable and perfect for boys and girls. Also, fits in a stocking. Just saying.

Have a fancy friend or family member who loves wine? Consider gifting them this unique AF wine pitcher to shake things up a bit.

On the flip, if you know your friend isn’t fond of getting all fancy with their wine, gift them a wine vacuum pumper + stoppers to ensure their bottle of Pinot stays fresher, longer. These really work, and that’s coming from my red-stained teeth.

Anthropologie has THE cutest kitchen stuff, and I won’t hear any different. Their aprons are always to die for and are actually fun to wear while creating in the kitchen, so gift one to the best cook you know.

I. MEAN. Who DOESN’T want to be gifted a whole plethora of face masks to choose from after a dumb day? This set comes with 15. Also, I highly suggest gifting this with a mask brush for easily application (like this one by Real Techniques)

Know someone with mad school pride? Fanatics is your PLACE. They have no shortage of gear to shop and you can find almost every school on there. Go ahead and enable their obsession.

THIS THING IS AMAZING. So much so in fact, that Nordstrom offers it in pretty much any color you can think of? Someone gave it to me for Christmas last year, and it’s still my favorite comfy blanket.

Promote comfort by gifting a pair of joggers to someone you truly care about. Not only is the style great, but my god are they comfortable.

From Anthropologie, duh. I just want my entire kitchen to BE an Anthro, honestly. Love this oven mitt and this pot holder a little too much.


These comfortable AF adidas Cloudfoam’s are on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I have a feeling whoever you gifted these to would really appreciate it.

Another beanie. This time by Madewell. I have one and it’s my favorite beanie, for sure. Comes in such cute colors and is a great gift for any gender.

My girls got me this from my 30th and it was on last year’s gift guide — that’s how much I love it. It’s such a spacious dopp kit and the shape of it is great for travel. I would highly recommend blessing someone with this this Christmas.

When it comes to guys, it can be hard shopping for them in terms of clothes. However, my boyfriend just let me sit down and choose so many new things for him, so I’m gonna share them as the next few gift ideas starting with this adorable Everlane sweatshirt that he ordered.


Can never, ever go wrong with a hooded sweatshirt. H&M is killing it in menswear this season, by the way.

I have a thing for grey — could you tell? Love this one from H&M.

If any man in your life doesn’t have a Chukka boot, you should be the one to do that for him. He will be forever grateful, on trend, and look cool as hell.

Uh? This one is so dope. Not only is it gold, but it has the recipes on it? LOVE. NEED. WANT.

I will be purchasing these. No questions asked. Can you even? Because I can’t. They’re too fun.

This was a big seller during the Nordstrom sale and, although it’s sold out now, it’s less expensive sister is on Amazon and looks the exact same! Whoever you gift this to is one lucky lady.

Know someone who lives to plan or is trying to learn how? This planner is seriously the happiest one I’ve ever owned. Lots of room of for writing, cute sayings and motivational quote PLUS it comes with stickers. I’d say this is a very helpful present to gift.

If you’re a total loss of what to get someone but know they love jewels, consider putting $50 on a Baublebar gift card and letting them choose what amazing statement earrings, necklaces, rings, and more to choose for themselves!

Know someone who loves rap, hip-hop, R&B and everything in between? Then this is your gift. This book contains outtakes from photoshoots of every big rapper name under the sun and would look killer on a coffee table.

For that friend or family member who needs to floss but won’t, gift them the ease and entertainment of a waterpik. Hey. Why not? It travels well, too!

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS??? They have so many patterns, too. Give it to your dog niece or nephew and become the favorite aunt or uncle,

Blanket. Scarf. Two words that were meant for each other, really. This one comes in a variety of colors and is cozy as all hell.

And last but never least is the machine that could possibly change someone’s entire lifestyle if they let it: The Inspiralizer. Gift it to that one person who is always talking about trying to incorporate more veggies into their diet and watch their world turn upside down (just be sure they invite you over for dinner sometimes).


These phone cases from The Daily Edited are all the rage. I’ve been coveting one for months and with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, I may pull the trigger (or urge my family to). Love love love.

I’ve moved away from French Press and gone back to auto-drip, but not just any auto-drip: THIS auto-drip. My best friend got it and texted me “I’ll never go back to French Press again.” This thing makes amazing coffee, is programmable, has 3 heat settings, a bold setting, and MAKES AMAZING COFFEE.

Gift these to someone you really love (AKA yourself?). They are pricier, but worth every penny because Clark’s really do last forever. These are easy slip-on, slip-off and comfy as hell.

Everlane’s ReNew line is all outwear made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. I was gifted the long puffer (made of 62 plastic bottles) and it is THE warmest coat I’ve ever owned. People comment on it all the time. But they have so much more than that, so if you know someone in the market for a new coat or jacket, check out their offerings.

Half the price of the Apple watch and just as efficient. I love my Versa so much. It’s a great monitor for exercise, sleep, all of it! You can set alarms, sync up your Pandora, track your period and yes receive text and call alerts on it, but you can’t text back or answer the call via the FitBit. Which, to me, is wonderful because I need some separation. Also, if you gift this, consider doing so with a fun wristband!

Think about who you love and cherish most in your life. Give this robe to them for Christmas. I’m telling you — it’s a robe made of dreams. I got mine 3 years ago and wear it every single day, no matter what. It’s the perfect robe, end of story.

This was my 27th birthday present, and it still feels like brand new. Such a powerful vacuum that gets up everything and then some. This vacuum SUCKS.

I treated myself to this when I got my King bed last year. Parachute makes the most gorgeous home products, and their bedding is no exception. I love the lightness of this quilt — it’s heavy without sweating me out like a normal duvet. Highly recommend.

This is a big one. Like, I think my parents got this for me as a BIG Christmas present years ago. If you know a new homeowner or baker who doesn’t have this, they will cry if you splurge on this for them. Just ensure they give you samples of everything they create with it.

I went to college with this jewelry designer, and her pieces are so beautiful, so bohemian, and so worth it. It’s all handmade and is an amazing gift idea if you’re looking to give someone unique AF, stunning jewelry this year.

Another big’n. But myself and my boyfriend can attest that it is the comfiest bed-in-a-box out there. I love my Leesa so dearly.

The infamous $100 mid-century modern velvet chair. I got it last year to start my blog’s rebranding journey, and I sit in to this day. It also functions as a dining chair, which is a fun idea. Gift someone the gift of cuteness and comfort this holiday season.

Not earbuds. Headphones. Escape from the world around you (or directly next to you) with these amazing headphones from Bose. Also, maybe don’t wear them at home if you’re expecting company because you will NOT hear them knock or ring the doorbell.

One of my favorite blogger’s (LivvyLand) sisters has an Etsy shop where you can custom order watercolor paintings of your home. How sentimental and special is that? A gift to tug at the heart strings.

Always clutch. Always needed. The best slipper in the game, IMO. Gift them to him, her, them, it. Just gift them. Their feet will thank you.