A little life. a little style. 

it's a lifestyle.

Back in 2010, a friend with amazing foresight told me to start a blog and buy emmasthing.com. I did both and, seven years later, here we are.

Emma's Thing is my blog, yes, but moreso my way of connecting to loyal enthusiasts or passers-by via humor, insight, and stories on love, life, and the pursuit of just making it through the day (and the occasional OOTD because I have an online shopping "situation"). Shit's rough so I do what any shameless person who's an open book to a fault would — lament about it openly on a public forum where it will live (and haunt me) forever. 

Basically, the bottom line is

 IF I CAN MAKE one person feel less crazy today, I've done what I came to do.

During the day, I'm the head writer for Match.com and its affiliate websites, but the nighttime is a whole other scene. I've been around the Internet block, writing for Bravo television on BuzzfeedElite DailyThought CatalogHello Giggles and even had a piece printed in Cosmopolitan magazine (South Africa). I'm also the ghostwriter for acclaimed fashion blogger, Fashion Jackson.

Rants and verbosity are my bread and butter, but if it involves writing, my range knows no bounds.I love me some collaboratin', so if you're totally inept at writing or can do it but hate it or are just looking to work with a decent human with a great sense of humor, reach out!