here's the thing...

here's the thing.

my mom may have terrible road rage and park at 45 degree angles, but putting all that aside, she's taught me some pretty valuable driving lessons throughout the years. on top of opening my world to a slew of colorful and creative cuss word combinations (to which she would always follow up with "oh my G-d, i'm so sorry. that was terrible. don't ever repeat that!"), she taught me the vital importance of getting in your destination turn lane and STAYING in it.

yeah, it might sound a little too planned out to know you're going to turn left in 30 minutes so you stay in the left lane for the duration of your drive. but, ya know what? you know what REALLY grinds my gears (no pun toward Toyota there, even though i AM driving a 1999 4Runner and sometimes catch myself imagining what if my accelerator goes all 16-year-old "i do what i want!" on me...)? when people wait until the very last minute to switch into the lane they're supposed to be in. i don't understand it. ESPECIALLY when you're entering the highway. it's like... if you're turning left to get onto the highway, then why the eff wouldn't you be in the farthest right lane possible? do you think that's fun? do you consider it a little game for yourself to cut across 3 lanes to get onto the "on" ramp just in the knick of time? do you think you're nicholas cage or angelina jolie from the acclaimed blockbuster hit, Gone in 60 Seconds? are you pregnant with twins and on your way to retrieve 8 new foreign babies you just adopted so you think it's perfectly okay if you play the cutting-across-3-lanes-and-almost-causing-4-accidents game? well, guess what?


call me anal for being prepared ahead of time in the lane i need, but don't call me stupid for hating the ones who aren't.

thank you and good night.