ain't no sunshine... WAIT! BUT THERE IS!

finally, the sun is out and shining. wait, wouldn't it shine regardless? whatever, shut up.

i was getting pretty concerned that dallas was warping into kansas, my second home. i was also starting to feel guilty like all this unusual dallas winter was my fault for graduating from KU and bringing it back with me. oy, thank BAH-GAH i was wrong.

i hope the weather stays as is. you can just smell the difference outside - what used to smell like cold, rain, snow and a little bit of crack now smells like love, life, sex and chocolate! "my 3 weaknesses? men, shoes and chocolate - in THAT order!" hahahaha.

GO OUT AND ENJOY LIFE, PEOPLE! GO! BE FREE! I RELEASE THEE OF THE CHAINS OF WINTER! and i grant you all 3 wishes. here, i'll make them for you: that somehow all of our work establishments have no choice but to give us all summer vacations, we all lose 10 pounds instaneously and we all individually trip over huge piles of money. WHAT WHATTTTT.