accent consistency

i realized today during a friendly lunch with my co-workers that i am not consistent in my impressions of the most important impression-inspired person in my life...

my motha.

not only did ashley and jeff both point out to me that i talk about my mom way more than the atypical young female does, but i also use a different voice for her every time i do.

they both let me know that by the way i've described situations in the past, they hear her speaking with a Jewish/NYC accent. i realized this is probably due mostly in part to my tuna sandwich story (see older post). i explained, however, that her voice is nowhere close to that, but surprisingly more texas-twangish. of course, after explaining this though, as we were walking to my car to leave, i used the voice of an 85-year-old woman when quoting dialouge from my mom.

what can i say? i guess my impressions have multiple personalities. seems about right.