census? sense THIS

i don't really know what my title means, but i guess i kinda wrote it with a bitter tone, and i'll explain why.

call me stupid, call me ignorant - hell, call me pretty. but, i thought the census was gonna be way more than just a tiny booklet asking you if you lived alone and if not, do you live with a man? and if you live with a man, who is he? a dad? a fiance? A BOYFRIEND? SHAME ON YOU. it really bummed me out. i was ready to fill out a survey, yet all the government wants is to make sure you're alive and exist and if you live with other people who are alive and existing, go ahead and write that down, too.

i wanted REAL questions like:

what is your hair color?
do you prefer TV or movies?
would you say that you typically let people merge or are you one of those assholes who cut them off and are annoyed that they're also trying to be somewhere in a timely manner?

get to KNOW me, America. don't ask me a couple questions and ASSUME you know me then blow me off. "what's there to know? you're alive and you're a female." well, guess WHAT? you're rude.

and, for the record, i typically let people merge.

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