cool isn't cool anymore

i started thinking the other day about "cool." it used to be such a great way to describe something or someone and the term wasn't used lightly. today, i feel as though it serves as more of a filler adjective than anything else, i.e. "really? that's cool" or "it's really cool that you're such a bitch."

it's just that, when my mom describes meeting my dad, she always talks about how "cool" she thought he was. tighter blue jeans, plain white tee, Jew afro = cool. as you can see, it didn't take that much back then to be cool. nowadays, if you were to see a man walking down the street in blue jeans and a white tee, you'd say "why do guys think they can wear just plain white tees out and that's okay?" (AHEM, TRAUB). it just sucks that what was "hip and cool" back in the 60s and 70s is now either way too retro or poser, and people go way overboard trying to dress or act how they consider cool. we're all victim to it because we're all trying to find our footing and figure out what makes us k-e-w-l, when back then, cool was as simple as smoking a J and being the first to buy whatever new record album had just hit the stores.

(to the tune of "My Favorite Things")
whatever happened to Jewfros and blue jeans?
now it's all iPads and iPhones and iTunes
expensive clothing that doesn't look expensive
i wish we could all be as cool as the 1970s.........

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