how cool were you in high school, on a scale of 1 to 10?

i'm gonna go ahead and say a... i don't know. because by the end of it, i really just didn't care. all i wanted to do was go to college. AND I DID.

but that's not what i am going to write about today. i'm going to share with you what my friend and i did on the one day we ever skipped school during our senior year of high school.

first off, i had to get permission from my mom. we had heard it was national "senior skip day," but i had to clear it with ellen before i took the plunge and acted out and got all nutty on that friday off from school. after she gave me permission, kate and i ran back to my car and went APE SHIT. we drove to my house, my grandpa came over, we went to breakfast at an old person's pancake joint with him and my mom, we went to a HUGE outlet store with all sorts of fucked up shit (e.g. purses and jewelry... WHAT!?). then we drove home, my mom and grandpa DROPPED US OFF (so we had the house ALL to ourselves!), we set up my camera and made 15 different videos of us dancing to "Culo," THEN... are you ready for the topper? it's so intense... we went and saw THE INCREDIBLES.

i mean, by the end of the night, we were so tired out. it was just a really wild day. i've never acted out so badly in all my life. i think kate and i felt pretty bad about it the next day, too. i woke up with that guilty, dirty feeling like "WHAT did i do?" it was hard to show our faces at school that monday because everyone knew all the shit we did on friday and we felt like bad people.

but we got over it.

ugh. high school. those weren't the days, and if they were to YOU, i feel really awful for you.

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