funny happenings

my good friend marie visited me this past weekend. we got to experience a lot of things together and made some great memories. some sad, some terrifying, but mostly... just happy.

the two key points of the weeknd were as follows:

1) sunday morning, after one of the drunkest and sweatiest nights of our individual lives (those two descriptions put together sound suspicious, but i promise both adjectives occured on a dance floor), the city of dallas decided to implode the old texas stadium (you know... the one they replaced with the spaceship?). i had forgotten about this event and awoke at around 7am to the sound of (what i thought were) bombs. at first i tried to write it off as being in my head, but as the bombs continued, i finally asked marie, "do you hear that???" to which she replied, "yes." and i asked, "are we under attack?" to which she said, "yeah, dallas, texas is under attack right now." then it clicked it was the implosion. but marie made a funny point about my noise machine (i can't sleep without it on). she wondered, "what if your machine had a 'bomb' setting on it? what if you could turn it to the "baghdad" setting?" we laughed and held hands.

2) in the car ride home from said "drunkest and sweatiest night ever," marie exclaimed that she was going to "commit community suicide" the next day. civilians in the car were horrified and confused, and we still have no idea what she was talking about. honestly, it scares me.

here's to justin bieber.

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