we try to have girl's night every week so we have a guarantee of sitting around and staring at each other at least one night during our work weeks. it doesn't always work out because we're so busy and popular and really climbing up that professional ladder at an incredibly fast pace (wink), but when they do happen, BOY are they wild.

like last night. my roommate and i met our third party friend at her place to start the evening. we got dinner, took 30 minutes to open a bottle of wine, and sat around screaming while our friend's live-in boyfriend silently moved about their apartment in the background. we played the destructive game of "peggle," and i read them how they're SUPPOSED to be according to their zodiac signs. it was wild. there was some blood and a few of us will probably have scars, but boy, was it fun.

the best part of the night, however, were the numerous commercials we were so blessed to see regarding hilary duff's new made-for-TV entitled "beauty and the briefcase." OH. MY. BUH-GAH. i almost wanted to give her an oscar right then and there (but i was let go from the academy years ago due to a small blunder involving me and an actress i am not allowed to name for legal reasons). not only does she pull off the wannabe carrie bradshaw attitude and style impeccably, but the story line shakes me to my core. it's as though they read my mind without even knowing me... or my mind!

young girl, goes to NYC, lands an editing gig at cosmo magazine and her first assignment?! GOING UNDERCOVER AS HERSELF AND DATING AS MANY BUSINESS MEN AS SHE CAN IN ORDER TO WRITE HER FIRST ARTICLE ENTITLED, "dating hot men in suits." the level of jealousy in the room was palpable as we were watching these promos. lizzie mcguire no more! say hellooooo to... an older lizzie mcguire? with possibly even worse line delivery?

the bottom line is this: we decided to record it and watch it next girl's night.



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