here's the thing about salads

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? i just used my blog name IN one of my blog entry titles? i'm so tacky.

but, seriously. here's the thing when it comes to salads. they're great. they really are. but, only when they're piled with shit.

for example, yesterday, i made myself a salad at the local fresh food mart in town and thought i did a pretty good job of creating something delicious for lunch. it was, but afterwards, i felt even hungrier and emptier than i felt going into it. that's the problem - they're delicious, but only if you pile them high with delicious, unhealthy crap. like, mexican salads are the bomb because they come with chicken, tortilla strips, avocado, salsa, beans, corn, tortilla chips, flour tortillas, guacamole, ice cream, a pinch of cake, cous cous, and a sombrero.

or a ceasar salad is great, too. dressing, croutons, chicken, cheese, pizza, a pancake, a splash of taco shell, and a side of mexican salad with steak and mashed potatoes.

like i said, salads are great as long as it's not JUST salad on the salad, ya dig?

good eatings!

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