is this flight on candid camera?

i had the most bizarre flight today, and i feel the need to write it down in case i ever forget the details of it.

my first inkling that this flight would be out-of-whack was when i saw an incredibly sad looking guy at the gate. i mean, this dude looked S-A-D. i guess it could've been a combo of sad and tired, but if he was tired, he was only tired from being so sad. he had messy, long hair, a beard and glasses on. and he was skinny. why that matters, i don't know.

so on the actual flight, i sat behind a group of four 20-something hispanic boys and girls who were rowdy as all get out. they sang loudly, played music on their phone out loud for the whole plane to enjoy, and when the drink cart came around, one of the guys ordered 4 mini bottles of skky vodka and passed them out to the group to down. on one hand i was like, "shit. they're fun. i wanna join?" but on the other, more logical and normal hand, i was like "SHUT THE FUCK UP."

then, directly across from the row i was sitting, there was a violently ill girl sitting with her dad. and not sick-from-the-flight ill, no. it was pale, i-have-the-swine-flu sick. she sat with her head down the whole time before take-off murmuring, "let's goooooo... pleaseeeeeee..." and then proceeded to vomit 3 times during the duration of our flight. into barf bags. ugh, SOO typical. at least barf into something creative, sick girl! (no, i'm kidding. i felt bad for her but also sick from looking at her).

i was wedged in between 2 men: one was a cool, middle-aged, bald guy with a wife and a keen interest in pop culture and music. we chatted, and i told him that although kick-ass is the weirdest movie i've ever seen, i'd recommend it. on my other side was a nerdy guy with a kindle. we also chatted and i learned that he is a "defense attorney." "and what does that mean?" i asked him. "basically, i help develop satellites to spy on the world and you?" he wasn't kidding. when the bald guy asked him what the name of the company he was, he couldn't say. legit.

that's the main gist of things. oh, except when the flight landed, that uber sad guy was crying. i'm serious. he sat directly in front of me next to the rowdy kids (i'm sure that really helped his mood), and when we were all standing up to go, he was definitely crying. poor guy. i really wish i could've known what was wrong? hope you're okay, dude... wherever you are...

i couldn't find my sister for a bit once i was in the city, but no worries... i did eventually. and she dropped my camera as a welcoming present. thanks, sis!

safe travels to all and to all a good flight.