all men think alike and by alike, i mean dirtyily.

i don't know if dirtyily is a word. if it isn't (which i have a feeling it's nowhere close to being in the english dictionary), pretend it is for my sake.

just a quick post on how predictable men's thoughts can be.

in explaining to 2 of my team members how they should view lady gaga's "telephone" video (but NOT at the office.. at HOME... in PRIVACY), both men immediately asked, in almost perfect unison: "oh my god. are beyonce and lady gaga making out? are they on each other?" to satisfy their musical tastebuds, i said, "yes. and then, britney spears comes out of nowhere! AND THEN, oh my god. i can't even... no. just watch it."

then i posted up against a wall in the office with one leg up, biting an apple and wearing my leather jacket.

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