girls meeting girls

i noticed this a while ago and have been meaning to write about it since. i'm just soooooooo busy (obviously).

when girls meet girls, it's just so awkward. with guys, it's simple: hey, man ::hand shake::, good to meet you. sportssportsportsportsportsgirls?sportswillyoubemybestmanbecausewejustbecamelifelongfriends?sportssports.

with ladies, it's like do we shake hands like guys do? is that too unfeminine? do we do the awkward half wave even though we're standing within inches of the other? you know, the throw-your-hand-up-open-palm-half-ass-"heyyy" wave? do we just smile extra big? and it's never really like you can just jump into conversation unless it's "cute dress! where's it from?" or "ugh it's so hot out here, don't you think?" it just takes so much more effort for girls to automatically get along with girls. 9 times out of 10 you walk away thinking, "bitch."

it's just the all the glorious differences between the opposite sexes.

a haiku in honor of this post:
girls are just tougher
we should try to act like men
ha ha eff that s

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