an ode to mother's day

when i was wee one, i needed to be sure that my mom was going to be readily available to me if i needed her during the night. i tended to have night terrors involving witches back during my single-digit ages, so mother's prescence down the hall was a necessity to me.

however, there was one night in particular that i was pretty adament about all of this... (dodododododo... that's me making the "dream sequence" noise):

"do you swear you'll always be there for me?"
"yes, emily. i am ALWAYS here for you, no matter what."
"but what about when i grow up???"
"well, when you're grown up, if you need me and we live in different cities, you can always call me on the phone."
"...I CAN?? REALLY?!!!?"
i let this astounding fact sink in and paused for a few seconds before bursting into tears and sobbing, "BUT I DON'T KNOW YOUR PHONE NUMBER!"

oye. mothas. thank G-d for unconditional love.

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