it pays off to be friends with someone cool

that's what i tell people when they try and break off our friendship. some listen, some don't. and the ones that don't, well..... let's just say they's reallll sorry once they realize what fools they are.

however, that's not what i am writing about in this post. in actuality, that was a completely fascious first mini-paragraph i just typed out. GOTCHA!

i have a friend. she is cool. she's the kind of cool where you can't wait to go out on the town with her because who knows what will happen.

for example, over the weekend, we ventured to a restaurant/bar to meet some of her friends. upon our arrival, the hostess handed us wristbands. "hmm," i thought to myself. "i didn't know you needed wristbands to get into a bar/restaurant. shooooot." after securing the neon orange strips of paper on our wrists, my friend instructed, "this way!" as we entered a very crowded gathering, my friend explained, "she asked if we were apart of the SMU party and i said yes."

now, i didn't ask around, but i'm purdy sure it was one frat and one sorority and they were looking at us like, "WHO THE **** ARE THESE *******?!" so, you know what we did? danced. and got free drinks. and obnoxiously smiled at everyone there. it was kind of like wedding crashers, minus montage sex scenes and minus a wedding.

if you were at said party that we crashed by some really ironic stroke of random... so sorry. but thanks for the drinks!