a bloody good tale

it's "get healthy texas" day here at the station, and man, have i turned my life around in a matter of hours. not only am i sporting my sneaks, running pants and a sports bra (with no shirt), but i also ate a delicious station-served breakfast of warm, chunky yogurt and had my finger pricked in our conference room to test my choles and glouc levels (i'm healthy as a teenager, by the way. no, really. that's what the nurse said in reference to my numbers that showed up. to which i replied, "good thing! because i also LOOK like a teenager, so that works well).

anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhoo - the finger pricking and spewing fountation of blood stirred up a dark memory that i have suppressed for years, but i have chosen to share it with you because they say the best way to get over something is to talk it out. so let's talk.

in high school, i was broken up with. it sucked... a lot. what sucked more is that said breaker-upper began dating a new girl just shy of a month after taking a dump on my heart. so, obviously, i hated her guts. anyway, months passed, and they decided to hold a blood drive at our school. i had never given blood before but i decided, whatthehey! i went into it with a positive attitude, ready to give back.

well, little i did know, the new girlfriend was running the f*cking thing. i saw her and immediately felt my blood pressure raise. "no, emma. no. just calm down and ignore her." so i did. i sat in my chair waiting to be called by the nurse to get my blood pressure tested. then... she started talking to me. the b*tch came over and started carrying on a conversation with ME. WHAT?!

"hey emma! are you nervous?"
"no. but i do have something i'd like to say."
"what's that?"
"i.... want.... you to know..... that i'm.... hap...py... for you..."

no, i didn't really start singing alanis, but G-d, i wanted to.

here's the bottom line. she completely messed me up by talking to me and i got so unhinged that when the nurse finally called my name, she took my blood pressure and said, "your heart is beating so fast right now that if you were to give blood, you'd pass out. i'm so sorry, sweetheart. not today."

so there's my memory. i try and give back, and get cock-blocked by what's-her-douche.

oh well. at least i got to leave for the day.

bloody good mate,

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