TMI gone too far

it's understood that "tmi" means "TOO much information." but, even the most candidly, info-spewing idiots can cross that already pretty apparent line even further without realizing it.

for example, i was on the book of face the other day, and i saw this girl had written on another girl's wall (it was one of those facebook scrolling days when you end up on someone's page you don't even know and you're asking yourself, "how the f*ck did i get here???") and the amount of information she had typed out was ridiculous. i mean this girl was basically asking for someone to come to her work or home and mess her up. the wall post looked something like this:

"hey girl! call me sometime! i work at this place, in this city and my phone number is blah blah blah."

REALLY?! have you not watched the many news segments about not being a fucking idiot like this?! might as well have written something like this:

"hey girl! call me sometime. i work at this food restaurant on avenue street on monday, wednesday and fridays from 5-11p. i live on house street in a small, white home with a red door. the address number is 1234. i usually shower between the hours of 8-9p if i'm not working (at food restaurant... just in case you didn't catch that name the first time). i play music really loud while i'm in there, so i usually can't hear much. i sit around naked for 30 minutes after my shower with my blinds wide open. my biggest turn ons are kings of leon and i usually leave my door unlocked for easy access. ummm what else?! i can't wait to hang unless i've been abducted. in that case, AH WELL!"

okay, maybe a tad extreme, but you know exactly what i am saying.

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