sack lunches

bringing your lunch to the office is so much more of a statement than when you were in school. it has room to say a multiude of things about you:

a) you're poor
b) you have no money
c) you're trying to save the non-existent money you don't have
d) you're frugal
e) you just went grocery shopping and actually have food to eat... show-off
f) you have lots of money to spare, but are a fucking weirdo

personally, for me, it's a combination of a-e. if you fall under the category of "f," you should probably go see a social therapist or something because that's just weird and you need to get out more.

my point here is that, no matter what your situation is, bringing lunch sucks. unless you have your own office, it's not very appealing to sit in your small hole of a cube and eat on the desk you sit at from 8-6p, M-F. yes, if we're being real, hour lunches are a tad ridiculous and worthless. however, they're necessary so you don't punch your computer in its face and fart all over everyone's phone's mouth pieces. ;-)

oh and what makes bringing your lunch in even worse is when you've run out of bags to actually carry it in, and you can't find the actual lunch bag you were given from your unpaid internship the summer before, so you have to carry your food in using a GAP bag. yeah. i was THAT girl today. i put my lunch into a GAP bag in the fridge. i was all like, "i just like to keep my cardigan chilly since it's so hot out, ya know? i take it out of the fridge and throw it on right before i walk outside after work. great cooling effect. oop! gotta go. my phone is ringing!"

gimme yer lunch money,

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