you know it's a bad hair day when...

you know it's a bad hair day when your hair doesn't look good.

no, but seriously. this friday is just one of those fridays. i couldn't get myself up in time to shower, so i decided to wing it and come into work as is thinking no one would notice. the kicker here is that even though our office doesn't officially allow casual fridays, i have made fridays emma-casual since my first week. i sport jeans and ya know what? I DON'T CARE. i even went as far today as to wear an american apparel t-shirt. i disguised it with 2 necklaces and a little vest on top and thought i had gotten away with it all until...

co-worker to me: "yeah, i can tell you didn't shower."
me: "are you serious?"
co-worker: "yeah, dude. look at you. you look like you're about to go take a college midterm that you were up all night studying for."
me: "fuck. that isn't good."
co-worker: "no, it's not. actually, you kinda look like you're at a rastafarian concert jamming out."
me: "no, that doesn't make sense. i'd be wearing a long, flowy dress or something."
co-worker: "true."

did i mention i wore my hair in a braid?
and that i got a venti, 4 shot espresso (half caff) over ice with cream, which automatically made my hair stand on end even more than it already was?

word to the wise: try and take showers when you can and everybody have a great weekend.

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