it's not you, it's me. seriously.

i feel like i'm losing your interest. please forgive me. i'm just so uninspired as of late. i'm telling you it's the texas heat. i forgot how bad it is here in the summer. sweating in lawrence, kansas on a hot summer day is much different than the kind of heat texas is packing. this is the kind of hot where you are covered in a full layer of sweat upon leaving your house and walking out to your car that is 10 feet away. the kind of heat where, sure the AC in your car feels good, but it'd be better if it was full of swimming pool water up to your neck. THAT would be a nice, leisurely way to drive around. of course, then you'd have to worry about pruney hands and you'd probably be tempted to pee in your car pool...

here's a great acronym i've been putting off describing for a while. this one goes straight out to you know who you are:

FOMO or fear of missing out.

my friend says she came up with this during her sophomore year. every girl has it - don't deny the power of FOMO. it's tough in college and even still now to make the "mature" decision to stay in on a weekend night and not be apart of the "scene." it's funny, though, because as girls we beat ourselves up thinking, "oh my God. i'm missing out on so much. i bet everyone is just having the best night of their entire life, drinks are flowing, it probably looks like a movie montage scene where they're just hamming it up and bonding and taking shots and having the best time, and here i am, sitting at home, alone. i should go. no, i won't. but i'm going to regret this so much."

flash forward to the next weekend when you're actually out. it's boring. same old, same old. you actually end up going home early because it's so lame. it's the same vicious cycle over and over.

we create these scenarios in our minds like that ONE night we choose to miss out, we basically just ruined our entire lives. but, really, we didn't miss shit.

FOMO. it's a mental killer.