take me back to the 1970s

yeah, i know. it's like, "oh how original, emma. you want to go back in time and be able to live in the 70s? you're such an individual in your thinking," BUT THAT'S NOT IT. maybe if you read on, you'll see i have a valid point to make here.

i realized something really profound the other night (i do this a lot, i.e. realize profound things because i'm just on a totally different level than most people with my thinking). most people these days are flakes. it's true. and if you are denying that you're one of them, you probably are a big one. we're all guilty of it. even if we're one of those people who hate flakes with every bone in our body, we've most definitely flaked at least once or twice in our lives.

with that said, i got to thinking about how, when our parents were growing up, flakes weren't as prevalent and you know why? because they didn't have cell phones. that's right. the absence of cell phones alone made it almost impossible to flake. it's like, if you had plans with someone and decided at the last minute you couldn't make it or didn't want to go, you couldn't just whip out your iPhone or crackburry and say, "oh shit, something came up, can't make it. rain check!" no. you'd have to either call their house or maybe even get in your car and drive to where you were supposed to meet them and tell them in person. people were more genuine back then and had to really cover their asses instead of just not showing or getting out it by way of text message. nowadays, flakism is like a fucking epidemic, so we've all come to think of it as the norm and consider most people unreliable by nature... which sucks. a lot. what kind of a world is that?! where we just EXPECT people to sketch out on us?

anyway, my point here is that i believe cell phones have made it that much easier to become an unreliable person. i mean, we all know that our cell phones are attached to our hand or hip. we all know we check them every 2 minutes. we all know it takes nothing to write back to a text or answer a phone call. but we just don't sometimes. we just don't want to do it. hell, i'll admit that as of late, i will purposely leave my cell phone home or in the car or on silent somewhere just because i don't feel like it. does it make me come off as sketchy or slow on the uptake? probably. but that's what i'm saying - we're all guilty of this.

we may be in too deep now as a society, but all of us can at least try to be better. although it's sometimes relaxing and pleasant to not be SO available to people, we should all at least try to not sketch like dbags. just be honest, people. it's the best policy - just ask bill clinton. 90s joke, so lame.