epiphany of the day

my name is earl is the worst show that was ever on television.

i mislabeled this post, because it's not like i JUST NOW discovered this fact. i've known about it for quite some time, but it kept slipping my mind to express my hatred for it. sometimes, i'll find that it is playing on my TV in the background as i'm walking around my room. i don't plan it. it's just that i'll be watching something worthy (i.e. Seinfeld or the Office) and the next thing i know, it has turned into my name is the worst show ever written for television.

the sound of jason lewis's voice makes me want to literally pull my hair out. it feels like my brain is going to bleed out when i hear it. the voices of all the characters' is like a makeshift death metal band straight out of a rundown garage, AKA hell on earth. THAT SHOW IS SO BAD THAT I HONESTLY CONSIDER TAKING A BASEBALL BAT TO MY HIGH-TECH, BEAUTIFUL, 1982, HEAVY BOX OF A TELEVISION EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS TO COME ON.

my name is emma and i have opinions.