sign off for the weekend

tulsa, OK is legit. if someone approached me tomorrow and said, "you have to move to tulsa. you have no choice," i'd be totally cool with that.

it's rare in life, especially as a female, to create meaningful, lasting friendships that are honest and loving. i know this is about as sappy as maple SEAR-UP, but my french toast i had this morning was a little bland, so i am making up for it by smothering this post in sugar. if you have boobs and female genitalia (if you're a hermaphrodite or have undergone a sex change in your past, count it), you know that female friendship... TRUE female friendship... is about as precious as precious herself.

so, just try your damndest to hold those friendships near and dear to your bubbies. because chocolate is eaten and gone, but true friendships shouldn't be warmed in the microwave and drizzled over ice cream - unless you're into that.