a pick-up line to rule them all

if you're an avid follower of my blog, you're probably pretty cool.

if you're not... then you're probably not even reading this and for that, i hate you.

but, really. if you have read my past blogs, does my one about that horrible pick-up line ring a bell? ya know... the one where the short midget man was "shooting a gun" at the knot in my jumper? to get it come untied? so he could see my upper lady parts?

that was definitely one of the worst pick-up attempts that i have ever experienced.

HOWEVER, when the big man closes a door, he opens a window in hopes you won't attempt to jump out of that window but rather sit by it serenly with a cup of tea and spy on your neighbors. or maybe you just appreciate the fact that the window is there, but you're not sure what to do with it quite yet. or maybe you're just a conceited bitch who doesn't think she needs the window and hires some glass installers to install a mirror where the window was. REGARDLESS, read on.

for every bad pick-up attempt, there's a decent one and that is what i discovered today on my frazzled lunch break. while in line at the local burrito joint (i swear i'm not talking about chipotle) (no, seriously. it really wasn't chipotle), a kind burrito-maker and i had the following exchange of dialogue:

BM (stands for Burrito Maker. sickos): cilantro, onions, lettuce?
me: all 3 please, but go light on the onions
BM: are you going to be coming into close contact with someone later on today?
me: hmmm, not that i'm aware of. unless it happens randomly...
BM: well, i get off tonight around 8, so...
me: HAHAHA. that was good.
BM: the thing is, i already have plans. but if i didn't, i probably wouldn't be kidding
me: HA! ok. well. have a good day...

props. props to you, whoever you really are. being ballsy deserves a props. so here you go and thank you for my tacos.


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