put this in your daily dictionary

i came up with a new term.

you wanna know what it is?

it's amazing.

no, the term isn't "amazing." i mean it IS, but that's not the word.

are you ready?

you're gonna use it a lot.

i hope you do, anyway...

it's sexciting.

SEXCITING. SEXCITED. SEXCITE. sex + exciting = sexciting.

you can use it to describe a sexual endeavor or to say that you're sexually excited about something that's happening.

here's an example: "chipotle makes me sexcited."

that's just one of MANY, MANY examples. not all of them include chipotle, but most do.

please use it and spread it and utilize it and love it. even if you use it to pick someone up or say it in a sexual voice while getting it on with someone..... that's okay, too.

i'm so sexcited and i just can't hide it,

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