4 times is a charm

i didn't realize this was happening until after the fact, but when i put it all together i was pretty proud of myself.

today is one of those mondays. like it's a MON-DAY. tired, sloppy, frizzy, hungry monday. so what did i decide to do during my lunch break today? why, make this monday that much harder on myself, of course!

after pittling around for way too long, i finally decided to grab some lunch from (where else) chipotle. since i was by my abode, i went to the closest location. however, i got all turned around on my way there, had to u-turn twice, and once i arrived, no parking spots ANYWHERE. so... i left and headed toward the next available chipotle.

fiddle dee dee and a ratta tat too, for some reason, i also got completely turned around on my way to chipotle #2 and ended up being frazzled and whizzing right by it. this is when i started getting angry and yelling at cars.


THEN i decided, in my determination, "this is fine. i'll just stop at the one on my way to the office." HA! said the universe. you're obviously delusional from your thoughts being saturated by cilantro rice sugarplums dancing in your head. upon pulling up to the THIRD chipotle in 15 minutes, the line was spilling onto the street to the point of causing an accident. it was at this point that i unleashed.

"ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

i feel like most people would probably give up by now. but, no. not this bitch. not this chipotle-addict-bitch. i drove PAST my office to the last chipotle i knew that was in reasonable distance and i pulled up to that sucker and i parked in a "compact only" spot and i marched in, gave the guy my order, made a comment about the new chip bags, got back in my car, drove back in a fury shoveling chips in my mouth, got to my desk and pounded that shit like it was going out of style.

take that, chipotle. YOU CAN'T DENY ME. I CAN ONLY DENY MYSELF. and i probably should next time....


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