well shoot

i don't even know what to write. i feel like i've been away from planet earth for so long. you see, i started a new gig this week and it's crazy. crazy in a good way, but crazy nonetheless. no longer do i have the empty time to sit and write the funniest shit you've ever read in your life (i'm sorry, was that cocky?) so, please forgive my lack thereof for a little while until i find the rhythm of this new position i am in (that wasn't meant to sound sexual at all).

however, i'll leave you with this thought:

when people say "i could make that" i want to say "THEN MAKE IT!" granted, a lot of art and clothing people concoct on their own seems pretty simple and it's easy to say to yourself "i could've painted a square" or "i could've sewn a patch to the crotch of those jeans" but guess what? YA DIDN'T. so don't comment about it! if you think you could come up with something really simple and make millions off of it... then make it. do it. get er done. yes, we question a lot of things that become "trends" or that sell for hundreds of dollars in art galleries because of how simplistic and not special they seem, but the difference is that YOU didn't think of it. you didn't come up with something so simple and somehow play it off as something extraordinary.

if you're one of those people, quit reading this and GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

i'll give you a jump start: draw a circle with another smaller circle in it and then a triangle off in the upper left hand corner. you just made yourself $1000. COUNT IT!