here's a thought

why does it seem like the best versions of ourselves come out around certain people? like, people that SHOULD inspire and evoke our best sides don't really and either strangers or someone you wouldn't expect makes you feel totally like yourself and better than usual. is it because we're meant to be with those people in some way? perhaps. is it because we feel a certain pressure to act a certain way around our significant other/friend/ relative? could be. regardless, i feel that's how it is.

end serious post. begin funny post.


standing is such a chore, i have to say. i spend my days in a desk chair or a car seat (an adult one, not a baby one. only a baby one on weekends), yet as soon as i'm off work and home safe and sound, i can't wait to sit or lay down right away. we complain about sitting, that our asses hurt or we need to be up and walking around, yet as soon as we get that we're ready to sit back down almost immediately. example: in kansas city this past weekend, we sat at dinner for over 2 hours. by the end of it, our entire group was exclaiming a slew of complaints: "let's GO" "i'm so ready to move places" "i need to get up and stretch" "i'm so tired of sitting." then, we get to the next bar and there is no booth or table available. our reactions? "i need to SIT." "fuck, i'm not standing this entire time." "we need to find a booth. i don't want to stand." people are just incredibly lazy by nature. we can't help it.

baby won't you show me warmth again?