prank of the year

absolut vodka should create a new flavor called: absolut boredom.

it should taste like nothing, like air.

so, really, it will be water.

but, the people drinking it (i'm picturing a "focus group" type of taste-testing scenario here) won't know this and believe it to be vodka that tastes like nothing.

therefore, they will guzzle down the absolut boredom (perhaps in the form of a martini or a boredom and soda with a lime) and ultimately act drunk.

placebo effect.

once they are told that the absolut boredom is, in fact, just water they will feel embarrassed and fake-hungover and, for the rest of their lives, claim there WAS some level of alcohol in that vodka bottle that made them "drunk."

you just got emma-pranked, biatches!


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