so then i was like... oh hang on....

something that's always made me chuckle internally is how NO MATTER WHAT everyone cuts off mid-sentence when you're getting into the car.

let me explain a bit more.

you're in a gossipy, dramatic conversation with your friend as you start making your way back to whoever's car you drove. as you get closer and closer to the vehicle, you have that anticipation in your gut: "oh shit. i'm reaching a pretty good part of the story, but we're almost to the car. i'm gonna have to delay my sentence for 5 solid seconds." it never fails. as soon as you are both by your respective car doors and the handles are pulled forward to open it up, whoever is talking ceases immediately or spits out some sort of quick warning like "hang on." do we REALLY need to tell the person to hang on? is it not just understood that that 2 seconds of making your way into the car pauses the conversation? oh and it's even worse if the driver has a package and has to first put the package in the backseat THEN make his/her way to the driver's seat. the conversation is dangerously at risk for a TOTAL loss then.

i just think it's so funny. why do we think that those 2 seconds of climbing into the car deafen us? we can still hear. we can still speak. our voices carry. everyone could very easily make a smooth transition from standing talking to entering the car and talking. i've been trying it out lately. you just gotta project your voice is all.

e.g. "so, i went back to get the right size and THE LADY WAS LIKE WE DON'T HAVE it anymore."

see? simple. i didn't even have to scream for an entire sentence.

TRY IT OUT. I SWEAR it works.