oh I'M sorry...

hmmm, that's strange. it appears as though someone marked the "effed up" box on my best smell in the world post.

why so, stranger? you think i'm weird for that? have you never smelled a worn in white t-shirt on a clean male before? well, ya know WHAT? it's amazing, and furthermore, this is MY blog and i can admit whatever i want on here. yes, i understand that by even putting the "effed up" box as an option, i'm allowing the chance of people actually checking it when they do indeed think something i've written is "effed up," but EFF OFF.

here are some other effed up things to chew on:
chipotle is basically like dessert to me
i part my hair way too extremely to the right
i just moved and i constantly walk around my new place giggling to myself
i put shirts on head first, arms second

what now?