they should have salsa set out on the table

you know what REALLY gets me heated? spicy salsa. but, even more than that, it's when mexican restaurants or eateries don't give you free chips and salsa. what is that? what are these mexican places of dining that actually make you PAY for chips and salsa? i don't want my chips and salsa to ever be an option at a mexican restaurant, no. regardless of how many times i've said to myself (or out loud to my friends) "i'm not eating ANY chips tonight. i get too full and it's so fattening." cut to me finishing an entire basket by myself, stating i'm fine and still exceptionally hungry for dinner, and finally walking out of the restaurant with a doggy bag because i could only eat two bites of my actual meal ("UGH, i'm really not going to eat chips next time. i ALWAYS do this.")

it's just like - do you think your chips and salsa are THAT superior that i need to pay for them instead of getting them for free at any other place in town? granted, i will travel miles for great chips and salsa. but only if they're free. it's the same when restaurants don't have free bread. IT'S BREAD. this isn't the 17th century when you need to ration out yeast products. we're in a time and age now where we can buy cheez-its out of a vending machine for some cents, so i highly doubt it's gonna set your business back that far by giving out free chips or bread to your customers.

oh wait wait. or is this a shot at hoping your customers end up spending more money on their entrees since they didn't get to fill up on chips and salsa? ohhhhhhhhhh... okay. that could be it. but, if it is, know that i still hate you and resent the fact that i had to order 1 extra taco since you wouldn't allow me to binge eat before my food came out.

sidenote: i make people stop talking during seinfeld as though it's a new episode i've never seen before and there's no room to miss a line.