dentists dentists are no fun, especially when it's 8 o'clock in the morning

however, here are two funnies i made while gracing the dental office with my 8am presence:

upon being elevated back up after my teeth cleaning was done, the dental hygienist made a joke about how i could wake up now because i had more or less been sleeping (they give me those shades to wear under the light and they don't expect me to pass out?), to which i replied "ugh oh my gosh. i was having a dream about being at the dentist and it was so awful." BUH DUM CHA!

i then suggested to a different dental hygienist that i could sell my old retainers on craigslist or ebay, just to cause a reaction and see what people would do.

mmm, early morning dental visits. here's a tip, kids: WEAR YOUR RETAINERS. otherwise, you'll be gagging in the dentist chair as you get new impressions done like this broad.

see ya.