crossing way over the line

i have learned there is a very fine line between persistence and complete anal retentive OCDness. today, i heard a story of a girl who crossed far far over that line and may never come back to play for the persistence(normal) team.

this girl had been waiting for a certain cable company to install her cable for a while (let's say the cable company's name rhymes with Jew-curse). this particular company was incredibly delayed with installation dates due to their popularity (it's like they're the regina george of the TV/Internet world and the other companies are gretchen and karen). i guess the girl had been calling everyday just to see if an earlier installation date had become available, when low and behold, an earlier date became available! she jumped on it without thinking it through (because she's impatient as a post-coffee poo)(that rhymed) and realized a little too late that wednesday mornings are the big meeting mornings and she wouldn't be available until after 9:30am the problem? the cable guy was to arrive anywhere between 9-11am.

this is where the bitch gets crazy. i guess she didn't have anyone who would be able to meet the cable guy at her apartment in the event he arrived before she was out of her morning meeting, so she had to ask the office in her apartment complex to leave a key for the guy to get into her place and start installing if she wasn't done the meeting yet.

first, she called the front office. the girl told her to just send an email stating she was allowing key release for the cable guy. so, she sent an email. then, she called the cable company and had them make not one note, but 2 notes on her installation papers for the guy. the morning of, the girl not only sent a SECOND email to the front desk, but also wrote them a handwritten note and taped it to the front door of their office just in case they didn't get either email.

this is the cherry. this crazy bitch proceeded to change her voicemail message to:

"hi. this is ___________. if this is the installation technician with at&t u-verse, i have left permission at the front desk for you to gain entrance to my apartment. i am in a morning meeting until 9:30a.m. but am literally 9 minutes down the road so i will be there as soon as possible. thank you so much."


and that girl....

is me.

i have just let you in, people. call me crazy, call me anal, call me pretty. regardless, if you had ANY IDEA how backed up u-verse's installation dates are, you would understand why i was so whacko. if i had missed the installation date, i would've had to wait until mid-november! NOT COOL.

i may have just completely screwed myself over in the way of you people never reading my blog again and writing me off as insane. if i have, i'm sorry. if i haven't, YOU LIKE ME. YOU REALLY LIKE ME.