i just wanted to get some styrofoam balls

i have a theory about craft stores.

michael's, hobby lobby, jo-ann's fabrics... any and all of them.

the employees who work at these facilities are the most relaxed, laid back, zero sense of urgency people in the entire world. even more so than a stoner or someone in a coma.

why are the check out lines always SO long? and SO slow? why does it take the cashier 35 minutes to scan a few barcodes on fake flower stems and a clear vase? i mean WHAT??? it never changes. it never speeds up. the "beeps" of the barcode reader are literally delayed by 5 minutes each time, THAT'S how slow they scan things and get them in the fucking bag and into your hand. i've started standing there and muttering to myself: "are you kidding me? oh my... are you KIDDING. scan it. scan it. good. put it in the bag. that's right."

OH OH and as if checking out at a craft store isn't excruciating enough already, i was behind two bitches the other day who went to pay for their sparkle balls and ceramic pots and started pulling cash out... dollar bill by dollar bill... then coin by coin. digging dip into their pockets to find as many coins and loose dollar bills as they could and setting them on the counter. i wanted to throw fabric at them.

stick that in your DIY made christmas stocking.

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