this reminds me...

as i sit here watching the harry potter marathon on the disney channel (no, you're right. i AM 23 in case you were questioning it, but longtime loves don't just go away with age), i remember the time when the sorcerer's stone had just been released on DVD. i distinctly recall one afternoon viewing of it in particular. sitting in my parent's house, upstairs, all by my lonesome during a summer's afternoon. i was so touched on this one particular day that i cried, NAY - BAWLED, during the end credits. i just kept thinking of how amazing it would be to go to hogwarts or just to be an extra in one of the movies in general and couldn't contain myself.

so there ya have it, folks. with every blog post, i more than likely leave readers thinking odd, mean things about me, but that's okay. you have to keep the youth alive somehow and your imagination in tact. i'm staying young by way of still being completely obsessed with harry potter rather than working out or playing sudoku.

"i'm not going home..... not really."