i need a remembrall

if you know what a "remembrall" is that means you're obviously really cool and love harry potter. if you didn't know what it was until i just referenced harry potter, that's okay, too. it's neither here nor there, but in all honesty.... i really do need one.

i don't know if it's my job, my life, or just my brain in general, but i am forgetting everything. i've never had a wonderful memory to begin with (except when it comes to memorizing scripts and shows and movies), but this is different. i never realized how scattered i am. one might say i'm in a constant state of being in a tizzy. even when i think i have all my shit together, i realize - oh. i left my apartment without grabbing what i originally even drove home for. or like right now - i'm here, sitting at my built-in desk, all set-up to workworkwork... and i just realized i left my notebook and papers in the my car outside. it's always something. i can never have all my ducks in a perfect row; one is either diagonal, quacking it's head off and won't shut up, or trying to fly away but can't because it's too newborn (wtf?)

it's very aggravating. and it's not like i don't try. i pride myself on being anal and incredibly OCD when it comes to my belongings and being organized. i have a daily agenda, my phone and sticky notes all over my computer - but i still seem to always forget SOMETHING, no matter how big or small.

i'm not asking for help, only venting on here. perhaps i need to look around more and take those extra 2 minutes to stand there and think if i'm forgetting something - but then, it takes all the fun out of hitting myself in the head and thinking I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING!

okay, down to my car i go to retrieve my things. at least it's exercise....???


p.s. sorry this post wasn't ROFL funny. I'M WORKING HERE.