a re-cap of my most hated holiday

lazy sunday, wake up in the later afternoon
broil a couple bagels because i am a Jew

and because i don't have my trusty toaster oven yet. i know i should've known a few weeks ago that there's a way to toast a bagel in the actual oven, but i've been busy, okay?!

i hate adult halloween. i really do. i've tried since around college to accept it and just go with it and dress up and party... it never works. to me, halloween is strictly a child's holiday. it's about little kids getting to dress up as witches and dora and go knock on doors for candy. that's why it's so amazing. yes, okay, the pumpkin smelling candles and the excuse to buy a massive bag of "halloween" candy to keep in your pantry also have their ups, but in general, i just don't and will never accept halloween as a holiday for adults. i'll never be comfortable participating in it and, for that, i hope i'm not hated or looked down upon.

with that said, Old Navy gave you an extra 20% off this week if you screamed in the store. no, i'm not kidding. i have some sort of mad stage fright when it comes to screaming. but i did it. and thank the lord i was in my dressing room with the door shut when it happened.

until next year when i don't celebrate halloween...