oh and can we have some bread as a conversation filler?

you know what i find absolutely hilarious? seinfeld.

but besides that, i just think it's so girly and so funny when two ladies decide to go out to a meal together because they have "so much to catch up on." i don't think having things to catch up on is funny - actually, i take that very seriously because there usually IS a lot of stuff to catch up. in girl world, monumental events that call for a lunch date can happen within 24 hours of seeing that person originally... trust me.

the funny part about the "catch-up-i-have-so-much-to-tell-you" lunch or dinner date is that WE TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING IN THE CAR BEFORE THE ACTUAL MEAL. it's HYSTERICAL. we're so eager and just overflowing with all of this fantastic information to tell our friend that our boobs cannot hold it together long enough to get into the car, get to the restaurant, sit down and THEN start spouting off. no. this business of catching up is just way too overwhelming and we spoil every part of the stories in the car ride on the way to our catch-up lunch. or dinner.

i do it. i know you do it, too. even if you aren't a lady, i know you know ladies do this. we're just too excited. and we know the entire time we're word vomiting in the car ride that we're making the actual meal itself that much less exciting. i mean i will literally be talking out loud to my friend and simultaneously be thinking, "fuck. i'm ruining the very reason we even called this lunch to be had in the first place. what am i gonna talk to her about at the table??? i'm telling her every single thing i planned to storyboard for her once we were sitting down, ready to eat. yet, i can't stop. i cannot make myself stop talking. i just need to get it all out now. HELP! HELP ME! HELP ME, MYSELF!"

am i right or am i right? maybe we should try to break up the stories in pieces. not tell them all at once in the fated car ride to the lunch or dinner. maybe, we should fancy ourselves really good story tellers and arrive at the climax of the story RIGHT when we pull up, then wait until we've sat down to continue.

yeah, right. not gonna happen. my stories are just too damn exciting to wait.