she's done it again, folks

oh that ke$ha. if her name doesn't ooze money and fame, i don't know what does (besides a sex tape).

i'm not going to sit here on my couch in my apartment at 540pm on a saturday and deny that her songs aren't catchy - even if it was a tuesday afternoon at about 1215pm, i STILL wouldn't sit here and deny that. it's kind of like this: first, they're annoying. then, they're catchy. then, i'm singing along. then, i hate them to the point where if i hear it again, i will scream.

she's an inspiration for all non-singers out there. it's pretty easy to make up a ke$ha-esque song, and i think that's why she does it - to give all of us a chance to be just like her.

here (to the tune of her latest hit "we R who we R"):

i got my nose ring full in tact
got my knapsack packed with snacks
and by snacks i mean my jack
i drink rum-um-um DRINK RUM

tonight i'm gonna fart-art-art-art-art-art
just like my grandpa bart-art-art-art-art-art
do you think that i sound smart-art-art-art-art-art?