ye olden times

would it be that bad to have to do work by candle light nowadays? we're so spoiled by light bulbs that we forget how much light a single candle can give us. it's fun, i think. i wouldn't be opposed to at least experimenting for a weekend or so with only candles for my source of lighting. give me 5 or 7 pumpkin scented candles from bed bath and body works (i confuse the two store names, so i just like to combine them now) and i'd be set with delicious smelling light. mmm. light so good you can taste it!

in other news, i just want every girl out there with ultra sensitive facial skin to know they should NEVER use kate somerville's products:

i decided to try her "gentle" daily wash and my face now looks as though i decided to stick my head in a bath full of liquid poison ivy for fun - YAY! that's right. mix in a vat of lavender scent into a sensitive skin face wash - because anyone who's anyone knows that loading up a sensitive skin product with lots of fragrance is JUST the trick to transform you into quasimoto. i have quarantined myself for today and will be ringing the bell tower's bell within the hour.