what i'm thankful for

ah, thanksgiving. the time of year when you gather with family from near and far, get into small tiffs, eat way too much lean meat, and pass out on the couch with your mouth open and your stomach spilling over your pant line. mmm.

i feel like my family used to go around the table and say one thing we were thankful for, but i could be completely wrong. if we did, we definitely don't do it anymore. however, just in case that tradition is re-sparked this year, i have decided to compile a small list of things that i am ultra grateful for currently:

being mobile - i never thought the day would come where i was one of those lucky people who got to tweet, facebook and whathaveyou from their cell phones, but i am happy to say it happened for me this year and, although i'm sure some of the people who see all of my updates want to smash my phone and find me annoying, it's the most fun and happy thing in the world. the question isn't WHY would you want to know what i'm doing at all times and all the random word vomit thoughts i have? it's why WOULDN'T you, you stupid hoe?

lipstick - man. i fought this one forever. my mom has been wearing lips since i can remember, and i always said i would never resort to coloring my puckers. i was determined that cherry flavored chapstick was just the right tint for me. well, i was wrong. dead wrong. you come to an age where you realize how brilliant and important it is to throw some extra colour (with a "u") on your lips to feel complete. it's amazing what a certain shade of red can do for your day and outfit, and i am glad to say i am now apart of that phenomenon.

chipotle - come on.

wine - okay. call me typical, call me pretentious. but this was another one i really never pictured myself being apart of or enjoying. it's another thing that comes with age - and by age, i mean being in your early 20s and being depressed over what the real world is REALLY like and resorting to the sweet nectar of vino. suddenly, what used to taste gross and looked hoity toity, tastes like home and makes you feel accomplished and grown-up. ugh so mature.

family and friends - awwwww

cheap jewelry - you can make it look like it didn't cost $5 at the XXI. amazing.

that's all i can dish out for now. i think that's a pretty decent list, and i also think that if i were to read this off at the table on thanksgiving night, it would be very well received, don't you?

happy thanksgiving to all and to all a good day,