spreading the encouragement and joy in one fell swoop

it's quite nice when my blog-readers come forward and express love/like/interest/hate in one of my posts. i really enjoy feedback and hearing if a certain entry stood out to you, touched you, kissed you - etc etc etc (as long as it's not creepy. ahem).

today, i received the following email from a coworker and it wrapped up my day on a very positive note, so i wanted to share. here goes:

Subject: This may be creepy but I don't care...

Message: ...and considering I am about to go crazy at this desk, I figured some entertaining blog catching up would help out. And I would just like to share that the below paragraph...

"wine - okay. call me typical, call me pretentious. but this was another one i really never pictured myself being apart of or enjoying. it's another thing that comes with age - and by age, i mean being in your early 20s and being depressed over what the real world is REALLY like and resorting to the sweet nectar of vino. suddenly, what used to taste gross and looked hoity toity, tastes like home and makes you feel accomplished and grown-up. ugh so mature."

...is quite possibly the most amazing and true statement anyone has ever documented. I have never felt closer to you than while reading this paragraph.

there ya have it folks. i suppose i do have the capability to reach out and touch my followers. if you're lucky, you could be next. WINK.