hibernation 101

i'll tell you why people get fat during the holiday season.

because when it's this cold outside, you start finding yourself seeking shelter on your couch, under a blanket, and mindlessly eating a pound of sour blue raspberry sour coke bottles from the sweet factory until the entire bag is gone.

that's why. no other reason. huge meals with copious amounts of carbs involved? no. laziness and making excuses about having to holiday shop instead of go to the gym? nah. it's blue bottles, people. BLUE BOTTLES.

on another note, i want to address what i believe to be one of the biggest and depressing government scams the man has ever pulled on our society as a whole: reshaping my beloved TRIX cereal into balls from their original fruit shapes.

this happened a while ago... it may even be a year now. regardless, i don't get it. maybe someone can explain it to me. are they really saving money by converting the bananas and grape clusters into stupid, boring balls? don't get me wrong - it still tastes delicious and i won't stop buying boxes of it, but i just think the whole thing is a disgrace.

emma out.