a habit to break

i'm about to piss a lot of readers off right now, i can feel it. but, like i've said many times before - this is my blog where i get to write down my thoughts. you're not always going to agree with everything and, if you don't, it's okay. no relationship is perfect except for the love between me and a chipotle burrito (i should probably have an entire other blog solely about chipotle).

you know what REALLY grinds my gears? people (women) who drink diet coke in the morning as their coffee substitute.

--i immediately apologize to anyone i just offended and am about to continue to offend even more. please don't write me off. please?--

WHAT THE CUSS IS THIS ABOUT? DIET COKE? AT 8AM? i don't understand it, i don't WANT to understand it, and i never will understand it. when i have my weekly sales meeting at 830am on wednesdays, and i see 3 or 4 different women sipping on their diet cokes at the conference table, i want to scream. this incredibly strong opposition to diet coke may be stemming from my natural hate for the beverage itself, but it's even worse that people choose to drink that shit first thing when they get up.

"mmmm," the enemy thinks to herself/himself. "you know what sounds REALLY delicious and comforting on yet another work morning? DIET COKE."

it's just twisted. and what makes it even worse is how it comes in the form of either a taco bueno cup or chick-fil-a cup. oh my word.

scene 1 (from above), take 2:

"mmmm," the enemy thinks to herself/himself. "you know what would be so tantalizing right now? driving through TACO BUENO at 8am to buy a diet coke. YES."

i'm sorry. i'm really overtired and pretty grumpy because of it. if i have made you angry with this entry and you not only disagree with my stance but maybe want to fight me because of it, i'll meet you out back behind the school in 15 minutes.


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