just a quick (visual) wrap-up to the weekend

this isn't gonna be long. i just wanted an excuse to post the following pictures, because what you see in them was so good, i can't even begin to describe it on here. i'd have to describe it in person with a lot of facial expressions and grunting noises like "mmm" and "uhhhhh." shame on me for not adding dream cafe to my top three brunch picks in dallas. ah well. you live, you eat, you take a nap from being so full, and you learn... right?

the Dream benedict. this was mine. looking at it makes me want to weep because i miss it.

the Austin tacos. sophie's choice. hahahaha. meryl streep. anyway, they were good.

the Santa Fe omelet. funny thing is, no santa fe was used in the making of this omelet.

i gotta go and make a sunday dinner, but i hope this blog post made you want to go to dream cafe, and if it didn't, you're insane in the membrane. insane in the brain.