revolutionary movie plots

i just came up with some (what i think to be) brilliant movie plots. here i am, just sitting in my apartment, and BAM! these genius ideas smack me square in the face.

1) boy doesn't know he's a wizard and goes to wizarding school <--- WHAT?! genius.

2) a psychotic cannibal has to help a rookie detective get to the bottom of a serial killer's case <--- WHERE do i come up with this stuff?

3) a woman decides she's going to make every recipe out of a famous chef's cookbook from beginning to end, and blog's about every recipe experience. she becomes famous and writes a book <--- so good, it's stupid.

4) a quirky, intellectual, and detached family are brought back together by the father faking his own fatal stomach cancer, and the non-blood brother and sister are secretly crazy in love with one another <--- i'm gonna stop here as to not make you even more jealous of my crafty screenwriting ideas than you already are.

just call me emma sofia coppola wes anderson jk rowling i'm an idiot golden.