they all came faithfully and we ate cake

does everyone have a christmas hangover? good. i will keep this simple and easy to process.

i made some changes to the blog, most of which you probably wouldn't notice unless i wrote this to point them out. imagine me in a "price is right" gown, showing you around the blog like one of bob barker's ladies.

over to the right, below my profile description, i have listed a handful of websites i thoroughly enjoy and that i figured you might as well. they're all sassy and hilarious in their own way, and the recipes on the WTFSIMFD website are actually incredibly advanced and delicious.

at the end of each post, i have changed the options of the little reaction boxes. what used to be: funny, intriguing, and effed up, now say: "this post made me: LOL, dry heave, question myself." i want all the interaction i can get from my readers. please do not feel shy to maybe make it a habit to click one of the boxes after every new post you read. it's fun for me to see how you feel after reading my stuff. also, while we're on the subject, never talk yourself out of leaving a comment if you feel so inclined. like i said, the more interaction the better. let's grow this blogger to bloggee relationship as fruitfully as we can.

the last 2 changes are as follows:

i am now only displaying 3 blog posts at a time as to not overwhelm you with words and verbosity.

at the very end of the main page, my top-read posts of the last 30 days will be continuously displayed to show you guys what you read/enjoyed the most!

so there you have it. nothing too major, but amping it up in small doses nonetheless.

oh and i will soon be incorporating video into posts, so GET READY.