things to think on in 2011


hey, guys. it's the new year. and you know what that means....... time for me to write my first post of 2011 and give you a smorgasbord of thoughts to think on. i'll call this segment:

White Wine! Out of a Green Bamboo Cup with Emmaaaa

i hope you all know i have a very certain melody to my jingles. maybe i'll take a video of me singing them some day soon. but, for now, we'll stick with the stills and concentrate on what i have to write about.

first off, 2010 was a shitty year. if you don't agree and had a pretty great year, not only do i dislike you, but i think you need to analyze it deeper, because i really don't believe this past year could've been that good for anyone. it was one of those years with bad karma, bad vibes, bad feelings - bad, bad, bad. if you're with me and am welcoming 2011 with high hopes and good feelings, raise your glass (i'll raise my plastic bamboo cup) and say HERE HERE!

now, the 2011 smorgasbord:

--best quotes i've heard in 2011 thus far are as follows:

1) while in a nicer than usual retail store: (middle-aged woman on her cell phone) "i really want some great italian food tonight. what if we met at olive garden? ya know, wine and breadsticks? something really good like that." 1b) while in anthropologie, walking past a group of teenagers on a couch: "ooo can we stop by chipotle?" "yeah sure! on the way back from my ortho appointment."

--alex baze, the senior writer of weekend update on SNL, is a natural mood-lifter and hilarious follow on twitter. if you're not already tracking his tweets, i suggest you do so. he's hysterical and has one of the finest mustaches i've ever laid virtual eyes on.

--the OWN network - it stands for the Oprah Winfrey Network, but it should stand for Oh you little Witch, you Never fail to draw us in network.

i spent the better half of my actual New Year's day curled up in a ball on my couch, watching the fat lady sing loudly "this is my new CABLE NETWOOOOOOOORK!!! IT'S GONNA BE THE BEST CABLE NETWORK IN AMERICAAAA!" and it just might be. with a variety of self-help shows that the Queen herself hand-picked for her station, it's addicting just like everything else she's ever done. my personal favorite? in the bedroom with dr. laura berman (are you surprised?) dr. berman has appeared several times on oprah's original talk show, but this is her own series that focuses on a sexless and troubled married couple every week. it's fascinating and really depressing - only the best kinds of shows to veg out to and cry over.

and my last addition to the smorgasbord:

i put warm white christmas lights in my fireplace to plug in at night and they're really awesome and fun (thanks, allie).

i hope you took advantage of the "bord" and are so full you can't move. you might wanna take some gasX to help digest.

-emma out

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